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Sean Reiser

Hi, I'm Sean Reiser!

Sean Reiser Self Portrait

Self-Portrait under the Unisphere in Queens

If you’ve wound up at this page, you’re probably either new to my site or are looking for some information about me or this site.  So, first off, let me welcome you.  I appreciate your visit. 

Let me tell you a little about me.  I'm Sean Reiser, a 51-year-old Flushing, Queens resident.   I’m a freelance web developer who specializes in working with Drupal.  I am an avid photographer and all around geek.  

This site is a reflection of my diverse interests and opinions.  You'll find things I've written, photo galleries, digital art, information about my work and personal life.  So, let's get to learning more about me and where to find things on this site.

Since you're new here let me answer your questions about me and direct you to places on my site where you can learn more.

What Are You Doing Right Now?

I maintain a now page which I try to update regularly, it tells you where I am, what's going on with me and my current goals and priorities.  Unlike Twitter or Facebook, this is a snapshot of what I'm focusing on right now, not what is upsetting me in the news nor what I was doing last week.

What is Drupal and What Do You Do with It?

In short Drupal is a tool that lets you build robust, interactive websites.  I am a freelance Drupal developer, helping small companies and non-profits with their websites.  You can learn more about what I do with Drupal on my Freelance Drupal Developer page.  You can also read some of my posts on Drupal on my blog.

Do You Do Any Other Work Other Than Drupal?

Yep. I’ve been working in technology for over 30 years and have been a Project Manager, Technology Team Leader and Application Developer for Windows and DOS applications in Clipper, FoxPro, Access and Delphi.  I don’t do that work much these days but would be happy to discuss things with you.  If you want to learn more, take a look at my resume.

You're Also a Photographer?

Throggs Neck Sunset

Throgs Neck Bridge At Sunset

Yes.  I've had a passion for photography for a number of years.  I caught the photography bug initially as a technical challenge and as a way to express my artistic side.  I progressed to photographing events and headshots for my web development clients  and now am offering those services to the public at large.

Here's a confession.  Do you know what they say about cobblers and shoes?  I don't currently have a full fledged gallery on this site.  I maintain a gallery on Viewbug.  Feel free to take a look there and I promise to launch a photo gallery on this site, real soon.


This is All Great, but I'm Just Looking for a Recipe for a Chicken Dish Maybe With Spinach and Tomatoes in a Marsala Sauce.  Can you help me?

How oddly specific, but yes, I can! 


Cast Iron Chicken with Spinach, Mushrooms and Tomatoes

I might not have a Michelin Star, but I do have a Michelin tire around my gut.  I really enjoy cooking, especially when I get to do it for someone else. Although it's not the healthiest I do enjoy this chicken dish. 

I have developed an unhealthy relationship with Cast Iron and have restored several pieces.

When I get a recipe to a point that I I'm happy with it, I'll post it on my blog. Generally, a few recipes a year. Here are a number of other posts about recipes I’ve made.   Share and Enjoy!