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Sean Reiser

Freelance Drupal Consulting, Development and Support Services

Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, a Flushing, Queens based Freelance Drupalist who builds, repairs, maintains and supports Drupal websites.

For lack of a better description, I'm a bit mason. I come from a family of brick masons who used trowels to shape bricks and mortar into buildings; to continue the family tradition, I sit at my shiny computer and use Drupal, PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS to shape bits into dynamic websites.

Often I build sites on my own but, depending on your needs, I can hire and supervise outside contractors to get thing done faster.  If you have a team in place and need another resource, I can work at your location with your team.

Please feel free to look through the rest of this site and evaluate my experience. Contact me if you decide I can be of service to you.

Good luck with your project!

I have 14 years of experience serving as a Project Lead, Web Solution Architect, Website Developer, Themer, and Builder working with Non-Profits, Small Companies, Digital Agencies, Media Companies, and Startups on their Drupal Websites.

Drupal Consulting Services

Drupal Solutions Architecture

I will work with your organization to determine what you do and how you can best use the web to further your mission.  Once I define your organization's needs, I will design the technical architecture of your Drupal website.

Existing Website Audit

I will do a complete audit of your site and document any issues you may have. I will verfy you are up to date, your custom modules and themes follow Drupal's best practices and your site is secure.

I am an expert in full-stack development, using PHP, TWIG, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other related technologies, the building blocks of Drupal Websites.

Drupal Development Services


I will build you a brand new website. If you need help with strategy, design or just the technical know-how to build your site, I can help.


I will do any fixes for your site. If your site doesn't look right on certain browsers, you're getting error messages or things just not working, I can find a solution for you.


I will give your existing site the new functionality you need, freshen up its look and make things run more efficiently.


I will review your site configuration, server, hosting, and any custom code on your site for security issues and resolve those issues.

Do you need help with a new or existing website? Please feel free to Contact me to reach out to me with any questions.

I provide services well beyond creating your website.  I understand that you don't have the time or expertise to support, manage and maintain your organization's website and you don't have the need to have an in-house developer. I can be your website department

Drupal Support and Maintenance


I will do a complete audit of your site and document any issues you may have. I will verfy you are up to date, your custom modules and themes follow Drupal's best practices and your site is secure.

Security Updates

I will apply security updates for Drupal Core and Contributed Modules within 24 hours of them being issued by the Drupal community. All updates are tested on a copy of your site before being applied to your live site.

Periodic Updates

I apply other updates for Drupal Core and Contributed Modules on a monthly basis, if possibile at a time when there's less disruption to your users. All updates are tested on a copy of your site before being applied to your live site.


I will ensure you website is up and running, review server logs, ensure backups are working, monitor performance and answer questions about your site. If I am not hosting your site, I will liaise with your host to resovle any issues.


I will repair any bugs on your website. Whether it's an error message, something that's broken or not working or adust thing that don't look quite right.


I will host your site on a platform customized for Drupal. If your site is hosted on a shared host, it can be slower and less stable. Hosting on a platform optimized for Drupal is a quick way to improve your site's performance.

I offer custom subscription plans depending on your organization's needs. I can also offer these services on an a la carte basis.   If you want to ensure that your website is stable and secure please feel free to contact me.


 I have use Drupal to provided solutions for an organization's digital needs.  I have built, supported, and maintained over 150 Drupal Websites for Non-Profits, Small Companies, Digital Agencies, Media Companies and Startups.  Here is a selected sample of these sites.


Featured Project

Markle Laptop

The Markle Foundation

The Markle Foundation is a New York City based non-profit foundation that works to realize the potential of information technology to address previously intractable public problems for the economic security, health, and national security of all Americans. I upgraded their website to a more modern version of Drupal and resolved issues related to security, performance and scalability. A new fresh design was implemented giving the site a more modern look and feel.

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Other Projects

Mrs Dash

Mrs. Dash


Bravo TV for NBC Universal

Queens Library

Queens Library

Alex's Lemonaide Stand

Alex's Lemonaide Stand

World Cares Center

World Cares Center

MPC Capital Advisors

MPC Capital Advisors



Good Earth Beauty

Good Earth Beauty







Code samples, references and more examples are available upon request.


Contact Me

I will respond to inquiries within 1 business day.