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It's Time To Upgrade To Drupal 9

Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, a Flushing, Queens based Freelance Drupalist who builds, repairs, maintains and supports Drupal websites.  Support for Drupal 7 and  8 websites is ending.  I can upgrade your website to Drupal 9.
Drupal 7
Support for Drupal 7 Ends 
November 28, 2022
Drupal 8
Support for Drupal 8 Ends
November 2, 2021
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Drupal 9 is
Available Today!

Why Should I Upgrade?

Once support ends, the Drupal community will stop creating security and bug fixes for your website.  There will be no new contributed modules compatible with your website. Upgrading to Drupal 9 will give you the following benefits:

  • Lower Security Risks -  Your Drupal website will continue to receive updates, making it less vulnerableto any exploits found in the future.
  • New Functionality - The Drupal Community is releasing new core functionality semi-annually.  New contributed modules are released daily.  As the web evolves, so will your website.
  • Increased Website Performance - New technologies are being developed that can make your site run faster.  Your Drupal website will be able to take advantage of these changes.
  • Increased SEO Ranking - Google is constantly changing their algorithms.  Wit modern tools, your website may be ranked higher than your competitors.

A highly performing, secure website is vital to keep you one step ahead of your competition. Drupal 9 will give you that and more. Maintain your competitive edge and upgrade now.

What's New in Drupal?

One of the bigger changes starting with Drupal 8 is the way we do updates.  Prior to Drupal 8, every few years a new version of Drupal chock full of features would be released. Starting with Drupal 8, new features are released every 6 months.  Between Drupal 8 and 9, there have been 11 of these releases. New functionality includes:

Content Authoring

A tightly integrated WYSIWYG editor and in-place editing makes content creation simple.

Layout Builder

True drag and drop page editing for Drupal.  You can build great looking landing pages with little effort.

Media Management

An integrated library to manage local and remote media assets such as video, audio, image and generic files.

Content Workflow

You can manage full content lifecycle: creation, editing, moderation, approval and publishing.  

Responsive Design

To support the fullest array of devices, Drupal provides tools to enable a mobile first design.

API First Architecture

Content you create in Drupal can easily be made available to be consumed by other websites and apps.

Easier Upgrades

Future Drupal upgrades will not require rebuilding your entire site, saving you time and money.

Developer Toolset

The developer tools used for Drupal 9 saves development time and will lead to more stable website deployments.

All future versions of Drupal will work similarly.  New feature releases every 6 months or so.  The purpose of major releases is to upgrade the technology that Drupal is built on.  Because of this strategy, upgrading for future major versions is an easier task.

How Does It Work?

Just like every website is different, every upgrade is different.  I have upgraded some sites in a matter of hours, others are multi-month engagements. A lot depends on the complexity of your site and how it meets your needs today.  Here is a basic outline of the process I use for upgrading a site:

  • Contact Me -  Fill out the form below or drop me an email to schedule a time to discuss your site. 
  • Requirements Discussion - We get on a call / video chat discuss your site.  Since the "hood is open", in addition to doing the upgrade it's a good time to address any problems you have and any features you've wanted to add ti your site.  We also will discuss some newer features of Drupal, and how they can help your processes.
  • Audit - I'll spend up to 8 hours reviewing your site's suitability for Drupal 9, looking for any potential problems, and how well I can build the features to meet your needs.
  • Project Planning Meeting- We discuss the findings of my audit, and what it's going to take to get your site to where you want it to be from a timeline and budget point of view. As a result of this meeting I'll create a project plan / schedule.
  • The "Real Work" - I do the upgrade and make the agreed upon changes to your site.  For longer term engagements there are frequent checkins to discuss progress (generally twice a week).
  • Test - I'll have tested your site, but lets be honest, you've been using it for years, you know it better than I do.  We'll go through your site together and I'll address any issues you point out.
  • Launch - We push the button and your site goes live.
  • Monitor - Over the next 2 weeks, I'll check in on your site daily, checking for errors and performance uses that are indications of potential problems and address them. 

About Me

Sean Reiser

I'm Seán Reiser, a Flushing, Queens, NY based technologist specializing in architecting web solutions using Drupal.  Over the past 15 years I’ve been a Freelance Drupalist: building, supporting, managing, and maintaining over 150 websites for Non-Profits, Small Businesses, Digital Agencies, Media Companies and Startups.

As a freelancer, I assume a number of roles in my work including: Project Manager, Web Producer, Strategist, Architect, Developer, Themer, Data Architect, Site Builder, and Support Engineer.  I am proficient in leading internal or external development teams, liaising with contractors and managing client relationships.

Drupal migrations are a large part of my consulting practice.  Links to my resume and consulting services are below.

How do I get started?

When you're ready to get started, contact me.  We'll discuss your business, your site and your needs.  I'll spend up to 8 hours reviewing your site to determine what it will take to upgrade to Drupal 9.