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My thoughts about all the ads Facebook is running to encourage the government to update Internet regulations:

If Facebook is strongly in favor of updating Internet regulations you have to ask yourself, "Will the new regulations be good for small business and innovation or would they be used to enable Facebook to maintain their market dominance?".

In the past, the automobile and tobacco industries used government regulations to shut out competition and maintain market damage. The updated regulations were used as a barrier for entry ffor smaller organizations who didn't have the resources of the established companies.

For technologists 50 is the new 85

Here's something that's always bothered me. You're asked by a recruiter on a form how long you've used a particular skill and the question is asked in a dropdown so you have to choose a number. You started using the skill 6 years ago but it's the kind of skill you use infrequently, say 3 times a year for a week at a time. Is the appropriate answer 6 years or less than a year (18 person-weeks)?

Alex, I think the question is "What is Stockholm Syndrome?"

Anne and I were both home. The windows were open Door bell didn't ring all day. UPS guy left the infonotice on my sign telling him whch bell to ring. Now I'm off to track down my package.

Where I know current science says pork can be cooked to 145 and be safe, I still worry if I cook it below 160.

New Life Philosophy:

Don't wait for people to see things from my point of view, it'll never happen.