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“A person is what they think about all day long”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm so old that I remember when they needed to change the signs at gas stations to support prices > 99 cents. I didn't expect to see them need to have to do it again to support prices > $9.99

Mind Blown

Dear News:

Can we stop referring to options other than nuking Moscow as the “Nuclear Option”? 

No Love,


Head palm

My thought for the day...

At what point does Xi Jinping take advantage of the chaos and annex Taiwan?



As I watch the news, I'm feeling this more and more.


Quick note about The Ukraine situation.

It’s interesting, a number of my Boomer and X-er friends have been posting memories of the time before the fall of the Soviet Union.  There was always a fear that we were on the edge, that the inevitable would happen.  An act of aggression, a misspoken word or 99 Luftballons would lead to the end of everything.  I can clearly remember a nun at the Catholic Grammar School I attended saying that a nuclear war was coming, the Soviet Unuon would return and the Jesus would return.

I wonder if the slow build to doom that we are feeling is what my parent felt in 1962.  Every day we’re a day closer.  Hopefully, like the ships with the missiles, the Russians will back down before the dominos fall.


I know this sounds crazy, but at what point does Putin remember that Alaska was traditionally Russian land and decide to "free" it from the USA?


Over the last few days I ported my domain’s GSuite email (gmail for domains) over to an iCloud custom domain, including 30 years of archived emails dating back to when I ran an email server under my bed.