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25% Aliens?

Wow, it appears that John McAfee is dead.

Ladies and Gentlemen
We Are On Drupal 9.


So if you follow this link from it brings you to a site that demonstrates ranked choice voting using pizza toppings as an example, I believe the mayor mentioned in a news conference yesterday. I took a look at it and I have to wonder ... Why are they including libraries from credit card processor

I'd like to correct every political commercial on TV right now. June 22 is not election day in NYC nor are you selecting the next mayor. It's primary election day and you're selecting the person who gets to run for mayor.


I always use "goto" as 1 word. I blame all the BASIC code I wrote in my youth.

So .. the only surving cast member of The Golden Girls is Betty White.

Only Betty and Ed Asner are left from The Mary Tylor Moore show...

Theory: Betty White is a vampire living off the life force of her former castmates

Sign of Old Age #81

You want to do something you've done in the past but you've forgotten what you did. You google it and the 2nd link is an article you wrote on your own blog with detailed steps.