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Facebook Down

This, right here, is why I tell clients not to rely solely on platforms they don't control.  Facebook and Instagram are great for marketing, but if you don't have your content in a place that you own and control, you can be closed down because Facebook is down (or doesn't like your content).


Odd Thought:

There's a parallel universe where JMS got the DW job and RTD is rebooting B5.

Mind Blown

Settling in to watch the pilot episode of Foundation on Apple TV+, something I've been waiting for since my 20's.

I know it won't be entirely faithful to Asimov so I'm trying not to compare.

Fingers Crossed
Chris Eccleston DB Cooper

I've always thought there's enough of a resemblance between Chris Eccleston and the composite sketch of DB Cooper to be the basis of an interesting story for the 9th Doctor.

And we're still at it in our own place. 
Still trying to reach the future through the past. 
Still trying to carve tomorrow from a tombstone...

Just saw a segment on the news with a pundit saying, “I don’t understand why people think the Vaccines aren’t tested. They are proven safe”. Then we get a commercial:

“This is attorney advertising:

Did you or someone you know take SnifflesBeGone in the late 1990s and now suffer from Razor Fingers? You may be entitled to compensation”. *

*Drug and Condition were changed for comical purposes.

When you’re flooded with these commercials, I can understand why people are skeptical.

PS: I remind you that I am 2x Vaxxed and am pro-vaccine. If you have questions or are uncertain about the Vaccine, talk to your doctor. Never take the medical advice of a technologist, we can’t turn you off and on again.

Head palm