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I have large gaps in NIDs on my site. Should I clean it up?

My only thought on the "Don't Call Women Karen" posts is that it's disrespectful to women actually named Karen

“Oh, we all run for something. Run for God, for fate, for love, for hate, for gold, for rust, for diamonds, for dust.”

Happy Congeniality Day

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The FDA is saying not to ingest disinfectant. Does that mean I have to stop drinking my Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon?

Launched a new version of the site this evening. I wanted to freshen up the blog theme and unify the branding between the consulting site, the resume and the photography site.  Everything runs on the same domain now with 301's directing users to the proper page on 

There are still a couple of things i want to do but this is enough to bring it live.  Any problems, drop me a line.

This is fairly interesting. I suspect a landlord has enough information from doing a credit check in order to get the into the IRS website and view a tenant's information.

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