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 A year or 2 ago I built a website for a restaurant.  It was a simple site : a menu, and ordering system.  Once I finished up I chatted with a number of restaurant owners, thinking I might be able to pick up some more businesses and leverage my research. 

I found that other than Chinese and Pizza shops, most restaurateurs didn’t want to be in the delivery business and were  happy to outsource that to a delivery firm (ubereats, grubhub, etc).  When I was speaking with them, I found out that they: didn’t want to take on the risk of the drivers (accidents, etc), nor manage the drivers.  Most were concerned about the additional insurance costs.  They also felt the additional marketing help they got by being on these platforms were worth it.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity.  An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” 

- Winston Churchill  

 I have to admit that everyday it's harder and harder to see the opportunity for myself in this mess.  Every week I hear from more and more people whose businesses are failing during this time.

 Frosty has been sick.  He hadn’t eaten in a few days, he hasn’t been grooming.  So we had to take him to the vet yesterday.  Among other things they have put him on an appetite stimulant.  It’s an anti-depressant that stimulates the appetite, and makes his talkative.  Yup it’s Cat Pot.  

He’s back to eating and some of his other issues look better.

 Sitting outside in a light drizzle. Feels good to get some fresh air in my lungs 

 I spend too much time thinking about man in the middle attacks to think that vote by mail is a good idea.

The look on her face is priceless.


So, my favorite Bow Tie company is making and selling masks. This brings up a question.... if we reopen and masks are the norm will the well dressed man's mask match his tie or will they complement each out like a pocket square? Or will if be 2 of the 3 match and 1 will complement it?

 I'm not saying we need to reopen, but the one thing I do worry about is the unintended consequences of the shutdown. Whether it's TB, or people who are avoiding getting things checked out that wind up being a time sensitive condition like cancer or a heart condition.

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