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The last few days I've been fighing a bug: sneezing, coughing, sore throat. Tonight I have a slight fever (99.2). Tomorrow I'll run around to get tested.


I'm going to be honest, if last week someone asked me if the Holocaust was racism I would've answered, no it was antisemitism. Race is determined by genetics, Religion is based belief and culture. Of course racism and antisemitism are equally heinous flavors of hate, so in many respects it’s a distinction without a difference.


“At-Will” means an employer can fire an employee any time they want and the employee can quit ant time they want. If an employee comes to an employer with a competing offer, the employer has the option to match the offer, negotiate or shake the employees hands and let them go.

If the president of a competition comes in mid-shift and offers to double a team’s salary, the them employees have the right to follow him up the block like he was the Pied Piper.


Dear @NYCMayor,

I got my shots earlier. Can the team deliver my $100?