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I'm a 50 year old Flushing, Queens based technologist who specializes in developing, supporting and maintaining websites built in Drupal.  I am an avid photographer and all around geek. 


 I spend too much time thinking about man in the middle attacks to think that vote by mail is a good idea.

The look on her face is priceless.


So, my favorite Bow Tie company is making and selling masks. This brings up a question.... if we reopen and masks are the norm will the well dressed man's mask match his tie or will they complement each out like a pocket square? Or will if be 2 of the 3 match and 1 will complement it?

 I'm not saying we need to reopen, but the one thing I do worry about is the unintended consequences of the shutdown. Whether it's TB, or people who are avoiding getting things checked out that wind up being a time sensitive condition like cancer or a heart condition.

As interesting as this may sound, how do we sustain remote learning for children without a stay at home parent? The only reason it works now is that most people are either working from home or not working at all.

So, there's a movie: Assassin 33AD. Based on the trailer, the plot seems to be that time traviling Musilms go back in time to "Eliminate Christianity by killing Jesus before the resurrection". Read that slowly. Again. See the flaw yet?

I need:

2 Wisecracking Robots
1 Satellite
2 Gallons Extra Strength Unconcentrated Sacramental Wine.

Just when I thought music couldn't surprise me anymore....

A symphonic metal cover of Depeche Mode's A Question of Time by a band with 4 strong female singers.


Embarrassing Confession: I've been half paying attention to the campaign news and thought Tara Reede was Tara Reid.

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