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This is how someone can get in trouble with their brand messaging:

So I spent part of the day working on a "start here" page for my site.  On the page I stole a line from my youth.

"Also, if you're not careful you may learn something before we're done.  So let's get ready, OK?"

Now I remembered that the line was from a children's show, but I didn't remember which show.  After a quick google, I realized I was "borrowing" from Fat Albert.  Yup I was quoting noted actor and serial rapist Bill Cosby. So I'm in the process of changing the line (probably a variation on "knowing is half the battle").

Where no offense was intended when I wrote it, it's the kind of thing that can cause problems and negative associations. 

I just wish more people knew the name Nancy Green then Aunt Jemima.

 "Flight Com! I can't hold it! She's breaking up, she's break --"

I don't think I've ever seen the pilot movies for the Six Million Dollar Man. They seem to have a darker tone (dark for a 70's show, that's for sure).

Any other year I'd think it was internet garbage, but it's 2020 who has "dead rising from the grave" next on their game card?

Right in front of your eyes. The French Fries you crave contain the programmable RNA that makes you susceptible to 5G viruses like COVID-19.

 As the markets continue to climb to a level near the pre-pandemic levels I wonder what it is telling us.  It’s either:

1) We anticipate the reopening going well and things will be better.


2) Things are going just fine during the shutdown.  The non-essential employees really aren’t essential and we don’t need them working.

As I've gotten older I've gotten more scared of number 2.  Anytime I’ve worked as an employee and there was a message that went out that due to weather only essential people should come to work. I would come in (or do my best to do so).  Unless I’m told personally not to come in, I’ll go to work   Why would I announce to my superiors that I thought myself or my job was non-essential?  I’ve also said if I were a very senior person at a firm, I’d walk around take notes on the departments that were light or empty and seriously look to see how necessary they really were.

Quick Sausage and Peppers

 Thank you all for your birthday wishes, they were appreciated.  Between working from home til 6 and the citywide 8PM curfew, I had to spend it alone.  Anne and I are planning on celebrating over the weekend.

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