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Changing my passwords to Kenny so I can have Kenny Loggins.

OK, I haven’t seen Hamilton yet (I was originally waiting until tickets showed up at the TKTS booth, but now the movie is available I plan I seeing it shortly). I do have a question though, I keep seeing references to a “surprise ending” on my timeline. I’m not asking for spoilers … but I want to make that Burr still kills Hamilton and there isn’t some wacky conspiracy with a 2nd shooter from a Grassy Knoll or something.

OMG! I think this is my big chance!


If you're ever posing for a photo and you're back lit (eg, the sun is setting behind your head). Please consider turning on the flash, otherwise you will be in shadow. if you can set your flash to 2/3 power, fine. Otherwise just shoot with the flash on.



This is how I often feel talking to folks who are on either end of the left / right political divide.

Can anything think of a word to describe someone who uses intimation and physical violence to get what they want? Not quite a bully, who intimidates for the sake of violence. Someone who uses intimidation and violence as a means towards a larger goal. Think of The Sopranos. The word used to be “thug” but that now carries a racial implication that doesn't need to be part of this thing I'm writing.

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