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As I watch the news, I'm feeling this more and more.


Over the last few days I ported my domain’s GSuite email (gmail for domains) over to an iCloud custom domain, including 30 years of archived emails dating back to when I ran an email server under my bed.


I don't know who President Biden's speechwriters are but you don't gave a stutterer 2 hard consonants in a row like "Countless Countries". "Countless Nations" is fine "Numerous Countries" works. "Countless Coutries" is a recipe for a stutter.

Head palm

Sometimes Anne finds new and creative ways to scare me….

As many for you know I’ve been fighting a bug of some sort for a couple of weeks. I’ve tested several times for the coof and have always tested negative.

So for lunch today I decide to have some soup I take down a can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken. Make it In the microwave, and it takes … weak… the texture is right but there’s little flavor. So my first thought “Crap! I’m loosing my sense of taste”.

I go in the kitchen, grab the jar of apple butter out of the fridge to double check and it tastes fine. I also test with a couple of other things and they are fine. Then I look at the can….

It’s Campbells’s Cream of Chicken Heart Heathy recipe. Which like most healthier things is flavor lite. I appreciate that Anne is trying to keep me on the planet longer, assuming she doesn’t give me a heart attack in the meantime.


Happy St Valentine's Day. The day we commemorate St. Valentine massacring people with his bow and arrow by making out.

Heart Hands

I’m preparing for Google to shutdown their legacy free Google Suite for Domains product in the next few months and send its users over to their “for pay” Google Workspace product.  The only apps I regularly use are Mail and Voice so I’m porting them away.

Today I ported my business number (the 347 number) over to my personal gmail account.  I think this is a temporary step, but one step at a time.

Since I’m already paying for an iCloud+ account, I’m considering parking’s email there.  I’d run my own mail server but I’m getting too old to spend my free time playing admin to a personal mail server.  I’ll do that over a weekend.

Laptop w/ Stickers

PCR negative... but this is how I spent my day.