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Hi I'm Seán Reiser, this is my Personal Blog

“A person is what they think about all day long”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

While organizing some things while the internet is down, I found this old post.  Enough time (around 10 years) has passed that I feel I can post it here.

And in today's Stupidity... my largest client is in the middle of putting up a Spanish language mini site. We had a native Spanish speaker on staff write the content, after he translated it we had we had a firm copy edit it before it was put onto the staging site.

This afternoon I got an email from a senior person:

"There's something wrong with the Spanish Language page. There are all these upside down question marks and many of the N's have funny marks above them. I think something is corrupt. YOU NEED TO GET THIS FIXED BEFORE I CAN SHOW IT TO THE DIRECTOR AND GET HER APPROVAL"

When I die, I can tell St Peter that I've already spent my time in purgatory.
Head palm

Because of the holiday, I'm taking a light work day.  Have a few AM calls, but I'm not coding and am skipping Lunchtime Learning for the day.

Cloudflare Outage

2:30 AM My alarms go off letting me know that all the sites I manage are down.  I try to log into my servers and can I things look OK but quiet.  I try to log into Linode's web interface it's down hmmm....

2:40 AM  Looks like 1/2 the internet is down.  I’m glad that my clients aren’t awake to be calling me.  I’m pretty sure it’s Cloudflare.

2:50AM Yup Cloudflare just posted an outage.

3:20 AM Cloudflare just posted that they've implemented a fix.

3:40 AM Sites are coming online.

We're off to a great day!


You know how every video conference call now begins with a round of "can you see me?" and "can you hear me?". I am deathly afraid that I'll have a call with somebody name Tommy and  break into this song.


As part pf trying to make Facebook work for me, I'm just trying the better separate the wheat from the chaff on Facebook. I have 3 populations of Facebook "Friends":

  1. People who I want to see every one of their posts, no matter the algorithm thinks.
  2. People I am ambivalent about. Sp I'll take what the algorithm gives me.
  3. People who's posts I really don't care to see, but I need to have on here for political reasons.

So I know I can unfollow people in category 3 and category 2 takes care of itself.  
It's Category 1 that's the problem. When I'm limited on time or energy it's all I want to see and I don't want the algorithm involved. 100 years ago, you could filter your news feed by custom list which would meet my need, so I tried seperating them into a list but  I forgot FB took away this feature. Back to the drawing board


As a first step towards making Twitter manageable I just unfollowed 300 people, around a third of the people I was following.  The culling may continue.


I just have to say it,,,,


POTUS In a Bicycle Accident


 Finally made some progress on the feed system. Got everything installed in dev, added a few feeds and I've got stuff importing.

To support title-less feeds, in the mapping for the feed I just put a constant on the title, and then in hook_entity_presave, I'm testing to see if the feed item title is populated and if not I grab the first 200 characters of the feed item description.  

Next I need to build some a View to support the River of News style interface.