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“A person is what they think about all day long”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, it has just been explained to me that it's not "if you don't vote, you have no right to complain", it's "if you don't vote for the winner, you have no right to complain because if you don't support the President, (s)he doesn't need to support you"

And with that I'm done. I wish you all luck burning the place down.


I posted this a couple of years back and thought it was worth a repost:

This is why I hate the term 'coder'. It takes Application Development and reduces it to its simplest part. Application Development is a craft, like carpentry. Reducing it to just coding would be like reducing carpentry to hammering and telling people that they just need to learn to hammer. The reason we have failures like the first Obamacare* site is this myth that anyone can be taken off the street and be competent in 6 months. I’m 51, been writing code since I was 13 and I’m still learning everyday.

I believe in retraining. I believe that some portion of retail employees might be able to become developers. But the “teach them to code” mantra is downright insulting to me and anyone who takes this craft seriously.

*I mention the Obamacare site not as a knock on the Ex-President, just because it was one of the biggest blunders I could think of.



After a little wrangling, the dishwasher got installed today. Seems to be running well and I tested it over the next several days.


I posted this six years ago on Facebook and with the upcoming election I thought it was worth a re-post everywhere.

Been thinking about life starting next Wednesday. No matter who wins I will continue:

  • ro say "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes Sir"
  • to cheerfully wish friends and strangers a "good morning"
  • to give up my seat on the subway to the elderly, injured, sick and pregnant
  • to hold the door open for people behind me
  • to be patient with customer service people
  • and to try to lighten to burden of folks around me

because I refuse to let our differences impact the important things. I want to live in a world we were love and respect are given to all. This election season has proven to me, on both sides hate is winning. Positivity has to start somewhere and love overpowers hate.


The good news: we had a new dishwasher delivered today/.

The bad news: the plumber bailed on the job so it's gonna be another day or so until it's installed.


In preparation of beginning my migration to Drupal 10, I'm building a new server to replace the one this site is on instead of upgrading PHP on place

Laptop w/ Stickers

It just occurred to me that David Tennant is the Grover Cleveland of Doctor Who