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 I was surprised to find out that the Yankees were off today. I remember in the days when I was younger that on the three summer holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and  Labor Day baseball teams would play single-admission day time double headers. Fathers would take their sons for a long day at the park.  As a New Yorker, I have to admit that I was spoiled. It was always a home team since the Yankees tend to be home when the Mets are away and vice versa there is always a home game for one of our teams.  Nowadays, it's like any other day in the summer if it falls right on the calendar you'll have a game, it might be a day game it might be a night game. No difference at all compared to the game on July 1 or August 15.

 It's not just baseball that's different, it's everything. Stores used to close early if they were open at all. Whenever I point out that stores are now open holidays and open later on those days, someone will point out to me that if EMS workers or the military need to work on these days everyone should work. I'll growing up my dad worked for Con Edison, and as you can imagine he would often not be off on holidays they said he needed electricity 24/7 and he was a part of the process that delivered safe electricity to homes in the city.  This meant that they were years that we celebrated Christmas on December 26 had Thanksgiving dinner at 11 AM and sometimes my Grandfather would have to step in for him to go to the game on some of the summer holidays. So I understand that sacrifices sometimes need to be made by essential workers. But it's not a sacrifice, if everyone does it for mundane reasons.

As a technologist, I'm on call every day of the year. As I like to say I'm only off on the days that the Internet is closed. When I woke up this morning, I checked the service as responsible for, made sure the sites that I'm responsible for our are up and then I can go about my day. However I try to find a way to respect the holiday, no matter what holiday it is. I like to reflect on the meeting of the day, try to find ways to connect with people.


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Happy Independence Day