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New uses for a palm pilot  or  I wonder if a site hosted on this will hold up to slashdotting

Came across this gem of a piece of software the other day. I've asked several folks it they can come up with a use for it. No solid answers yet (if you can figure it out email me). My main question is "Why in the name of all that is holy would someone invest the time to do this?" I don't except "because it's there" or "because you can"... no human being could ever find this useful. This may be my shit but why write software that no one is going to use? Doesn't make sense to me.

Maybe it's me but there's little wow factor in something this is nether sexy nor productive. "I have a web server that runs on a Palm Pilot... sure it can only his 1 user hitting it at a time. Sure I the server can only handle less than 8 Meg of web page.... But it's on a Palm Pilot, man". Now I am a huge Palm fan. I worship at the shrine of Hawkins. I've owned more Palm OS devices than I care to admit and have written several pieces of software for the beast. But it is a fact that the purpose of the device is to give you a window to your PC. I say this to make you understand that I appreciate the platform for it's strengths and weaknesses. As has been said by Hawkins the Palm (Pilot) was designed as a "window to your PC". A way to take your data with you. A way to create simple and not so simple documents. Sure there are now extensions for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation documents. But running a server is insane in my humble opinion.

Davep an old acquaintance from the Clipper (the language, not the chip) community once said in a usenet post:

One final point. More than once I've seen someone ask the question "why bother?" or "where is the need?" in regard to the reason for THE PROJECT. We can only answer those questions with another question:

When did programming cease to be fun?

I now have the answer to that question. When what I code will never be used beaches it's flawed from the initial design