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Hi I'm Seán Reiser, this is my Personal Blog

“A person is what they think about all day long”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I wear New Balance sneakers because they have proper arch support and my feet don’t hurt. A few years back, the CEO of New Balance made some comments agreeing with Trump’s trade policies. “Friends” didn’t understand that wearing NB wasn’t a political statement, it was a pro-walking miles pain-free in NYC statement.

After pushing my #Mastodon Instance’s media into object storage, I shrank the server it runs on to 1CPU,  1Gig Ram, 25Gig storage for $5.00/mo.  So far it's running fine.  For less than cost of Twitter Blue, I can have my own mastodon server, on my own domain and own my own data.

#dataFreedom #noAlgos


After a few hours of research and work my personal mastodon instance is now using Linode's Object Storage (an S3 clone) for media storage

#TIL - #mastodon Edition

When a post is retrieved by a federated server, it’s media files are copied and stored to the federated server.  I has assumed, wrongfully, that  media was served from the origin server.

This is why this instance is quickly eating disk space.  Although I don’t post much, I follow a lot of photographers all of whom are publishing a lot of images.

I need to setup an S3 compatible bucket in the next day or 3 and store media there.

Laptop w/ Stickers

I can now post text content on my blog and push it into my personal Mastodon Instance, automagically.

I'll play with media (images and videos) next.



I'm not saying it's cold in here today, but…


Merry Christmas