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Hi I'm Seán Reiser, this is my Personal Blog

“A person is what they think about all day long”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

After a few hours of research and work my personal mastodon instance is now using Linode's Object Storage (an S3 clone) for media storage

#TIL - #mastodon Edition

When a post is retrieved by a federated server, it’s media files are copied and stored to the federated server.  I has assumed, wrongfully, that  media was served from the origin server.

This is why this instance is quickly eating disk space.  Although I don’t post much, I follow a lot of photographers all of whom are publishing a lot of images.

I need to setup an S3 compatible bucket in the next day or 3 and store media there.

Laptop w/ Stickers

I can now post text content on my blog and push it into my personal Mastodon Instance, automagically.

I'll play with media (images and videos) next.



I'm not saying it's cold in here today, but…


Merry Christmas

A quick update since joining #team2ndTimeCovid last momth..

I didn't qualify for the anti-virals so I had to let it run its course. This time it certainly wasn't as bad as what I had #covid classic in February and March 2020.  I had no fever to speak of and the upper respiratory symptoms weren't as bad. I didn't have any noticeable hypoxia.

I think I finally moved past the sudden bouts of fatigue for no reason.  I am winded walking upstairs and can only walk for 15 or 20 minutes before tiring.

Throgs Neck Bridge

Hello World, working on finding my #gratitude today.

#ThrogsNeckBridge #sunset #NYC #NewYorkCity #DailyPhoto #POTD #PhotoOfTheDay #commitAwesome

in the words of our people ... "Well done, halfway out of the dark!"