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Someone sent me this post obviously this bird is Mozzy and being looked for I have texted the person with my address.

Update, as I was posting this Mozzy's owner called me. I promise to call him if I see the bird again. He said several people of called him claiming to have the bird where they didn't I guess they were looking for some sort of reward. That's rather disgusting behavior.

Obviously if you're local and see him, reach out to him, he is concerned.


LOST - 6/16/22 - FLUSHING-AUBURNDALE Last seen on Utopia Parkway between 39th & 37th Ave - “Mozzy” - 917-428-4510

Posted by Queens Lost & Found Pets - QLFP on Friday, June 17, 2022



Lunchtime Learning
Content Editor Experience and a Spaghetti & Meatballs

Improving the content editor experience in Drupal, Florida DrupalCamp 2022


 It was 92° outside in NYC today and hit 85 in the apartment, I made it to 3PM before I decided to put on the air conditioner, set to 78°. I think it's going to be a long summer and with ever-increasing energy predators I would have to be very cautious about using the A/C. But my rule of thumb always is if my hand is so damp that my trackpad no longer can see it it's time to put on the air conditioner..


Anne and I were awoken a little after 6 this morning to the sound of beeps and boops coming through the bedroom window.  We thought it might have been coming from the basement (the hot water heater or the boiler).  I went outside to investigate, and see if I needed to call the super. Instead I find this guy, beeping, clicking and booping.  After a few mins he flew off.  Thanks for the alarm clock, buddy.

Lunchtime Learning
Freedom from IE and a Ham Sandwich 

All the cool things you can do when you don’t support IE11 (and how we can use these in Olivero), Florida DrupalCamp 2022

Between the EOL of IE11 and Drupal dropping support for it in Drupal 10, I felt this was a good one for today,

Testing a dictation post from my phone.