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 I spend too much time thinking about man in the middle attacks to think that vote by mail is a good idea.

This is fairly interesting. I suspect a landlord has enough information from doing a credit check in order to get the into the IRS website and view a tenant's information.

I don't know what the worst part of this email is:

1) The Password
2) The Privacy Statement
3) The Disclaimer stating to delete the email if it's sent in error.

If you're acknowledging that you might mis-deliver the email DON'T F'N put my password in it.

Protip: Always be wary of systems that have a maximum length for passwords. It's an indication that they might not be hashing your passwords.

Have a gmail account? Wanna see something scary?

Goto and realize that google is scraping your mail and keeping track of your purchases, from across the web.

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