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So, earlier today, I have #Babylon5 (S4E8) on w/ CNN Picture in Picture. The line,  “You know, you fight a war and everyone forgets the people that get caught in the middle.” comes on as the #Taliban are shown entering the Presidential Palace. #Afganistan


If you think we should accept migrants at the southern border but turn away Cuban migrants or if you think we should accept Cuban migrants but turn away migrants at the southern border.....

your motives might be political and not humanitarian.

Vaccine Card

So with all the talk of Vaccine Mandates here in NYC, I decided to take my Vaccine card out of the “medical information envelope” I keep in my lockbox and put it in my wallet.  I really didn’t study the card when I got it.  I took my shots and locked the card away in case it was ever needed.

Now my wallet is one of these slim wallets wire slots for CC / ID and a money clip for bills.  (I got it at the advice if of a chiropractor it’s better than a thick wallet in your pocket),  This f’n card won’t fit in my wallet without folding it.

We’ve  standardized on 338  ×  218 for cards that you carry  Credit cards, state IDs, even NYC’s Metro Card , all 338  ×  218.  Wallets are deigned for it.  The Vaccine Card… 4 x 3

Tell me this isn’t a Government Project.
Head palm
I'm confused, why does Puerto Rico have it's own Olympic Team?

I’ve been upset by the evolution of outdoor dining first a table on the street, then a tarp over it. Followed by 3 plywood walls and a tarp. Next we have plywood buildings w/ windows (some glass, some plexiglass), a door, heating and a/c.

Now we’re building multilevel structures with rooftop alfresco dining. I wonder if they’ll be an elevator for ADA compliance.

This is not outdoor dining.

Edit:  I'm sure these "buildings' are being built by bus boys and fry cooks and predict someone will die when one of these things collapse in the next year.