Why a blog, why here and what does it mean for everything else?

Within 10 mins of posting a real 'blog entry up here on seanreiser.com someone wrong me an email asking the above questions. Here are some answers. Why a blog? To be honest, because I've been uninspired to write about tech recently and have been inspired to write about other observations. I want to separate them out so people can still read only the articles (http://seanreiser.com/tech) which will come out as I get inspired. Why Here? Quite frankly, I don't want to have to install drupal on another domain and blog. I've seen people able to separate using tags and feeds. I will try to geek tech in http://seanreiser.com/tech and blogs in http://seanreiser.com/blog What does it mean for everything else? Probably good things. Once I get inspired I'll start writing on tech again (which might happen quickly, I hope). How can I follow just.... Every page has an RSS feed attached: For only tech ... http://seanreiser.com/tech For only blog ... http://seanreiser.com/blog For all articles ... http://seanreiser.com For flickr ... http://pictures.seanreiser.com For Twitter ... http://twitter.com/nibbler Everything in one place (for the insane) ... http://tumblog.seanreiser.com