While organizing some things while the internet is down, I found this old post.  Enough time (around 10 years) has passed that I feel I can post it here.

And in today's Stupidity... my largest client is in the middle of putting up a Spanish language mini site. We had a native Spanish speaker on staff write the content, after he translated it we had we had a firm copy edit it before it was put onto the staging site.

This afternoon I got an email from a senior person:

"There's something wrong with the Spanish Language page. There are all these upside down question marks and many of the N's have funny marks above them. I think something is corrupt. YOU NEED TO GET THIS FIXED BEFORE I CAN SHOW IT TO THE DIRECTOR AND GET HER APPROVAL"

When I die, I can tell St Peter that I've already spent my time in purgatory.
Head palm