I deployed a new Verizon WiFi-6 Router on my home network this weekend. I’m getting some better performance both internal and external which is nice. However, I’m a little confused about something.

The router has 3 SSIDs:

1) The main network: a Self-Organizing Network. I assume if I turn off the SON that there would be a separate SSIDs on the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands.

2. A guest network: a 2.4Ghz network issuing IPs on a different subnet than the main network. This is perfect my guests can have access to the interwebs without seeing my traffic or in home machines and server.

3. An IoT Network: a 2.4Ghz network issuing IPs on the same subnet as the main network. At first I thought this network would be on it’s own subnet so I can separate my internet of things devices from our machines and day to day network activity. Since that’s not the case, I don’t know why I’d use it and not just put my IoT devices on the main network. Thoughts?