Pownce - twitter on steroids or another excuse for 'roid rage?

So, with all the buzz I've been playing with Pownce, Kevin Rose's answer to twitter, the last few days. In my ways it's the next logical evolutionary step to twitter but it seems to be missing a few key features.. Let's run through what it is and what it isn't. It Has: Messaging - just like its tweeting cousin, pownce supports sending short messages. Events - A way to do invites for events. This would be rather handy if there were subscribeable groups. Links - Doesn't seem any different from including a link in a short message. Time will tell if this is handy. File Sharing - You can upload files for your group. I wonder about liability here for the pownce folks if copyrighted material is uploaded on the network. All of the above features can be sent only to your friends, a subset of your friends, an individual friend or the public which can be very handy if friending a lot of people but wanting to keep invites or file sharing amongst a small subset of your friends. It doesn't have: An SMS gateway - Most people love that they can post and receive messages on twitter using their cell phone. An IM gateway - Although Twitter's rarely works properly it's a feature people like and use when it's up. An official API - People are hacking it out but currently there is no official API. A standard for this type application. So, I think it can be useful and interesting. Assuming the team over there work out the application's short comings, and keep it more stable then twitter (stability is twitter's major problem), it will be a hit.