Oxtail Stew

My grandmother used to make a delicious Oxtail Soup. I've been working on reconstructing the recipe. This is close, a little more of a stew then a soup but is becoming a favorite.


3 Lbs Oxtails 1 15oz Can Tomato Sauce 16 oz Beef Stock 1 tsp Italian Seasoning 2 16 oz can stewed tomatoes 2 Medium Carrots, roughly chopped 2 Stalks, roughly chopped 2 cups cut up string beans 2 cloves garlic, peeled and diced


1) Add Meat, Tomato Sauce, Italian Seasoning, Garlic, and stewed Tomatoes to crockpot. 2) Cook for 6 hours on low (3 hours on High). 3) Add remaining items to Crockpot 4) Cook for an additional 8 hours on low (4 hours on High). 5) Skim the fat (I skimmed 2 pints of fat from the last time I made this) 6) Serve and Enjoy! 7) I tend to serve over noodles or rice.

Alternate Version

I've also used short ribs, which don't need as much time in the crockpot. Short ribs cook faster then Oxtails so add all the ingredients up front and cook for 8 hours on low, 4 hours on high. (Picture above is the short ribs version).