A new record! Just received an email from a recruiter, looking for somebody with two years of Drupal 10 experience. Drupal 10 is scheduled to be released this afternoon.

I can imagine how this happens.   The Hiring Manager says something like “I want someone who’s familiar with the changes in Drupal 10” to HR.  That gets translated by the HR manager to 1-year experience and gets passed onto an external recruiting firm. The recruiter sees 1 year and figures that's not enough for a senior person, so they double it.

I pointed out the error to the recruiter and they responded that they have received resumes that say they have two years of experience with Drupal 10, so he'll submit those resumes and I am welcome to change mine to meet the requirements. When I imply that I would be lying if I did that he brushes it off.  So I won't get through the gatekeeper to find out if I would even be interested in the position.

Head palm