Need to be available during your business’ peak season?  Customers demanding service for their money?  Need to remain competitive with increasing competition?   

Welcome to business ownership!  We have t-shirts.

I’ve seen a number of crypto bros take their crypto gains and put them into Air BnBs not realizing that it’s not a “set it and forget it” investment.   You either need to provide support and maintenance or hire a management firm to do the work for you, for ca fee.

Your competition is not just the local Air BnBs, it’s also the Marriott where there is someone available 24/7/365 who will help you with the door lock and address your toilet issues by moving you to another room or getting an all-night plumber who’s on-call.  And they’ll find a way to compensate you for the inconvenience.

If your customers are asking you to match the price of your competition you have to ask what your value-add is.  What makes your service worth $100 more?  Why aren’t you expressing that in your ads? And, do your customers see the value in what you’re offering?