I Hate Video Conference Calls

I have to be honest, I really don't like doing meetings over skype. Don't get me wrong there's a benefit to having video on all participants, but now I feel I have to be a television producer as well as a technologist when I'm making these calls... I spend 20 mins before each call checking the lighting, the angle of my shot, the background. And I'm worrying:

How many chins do I have in the shot? Do I need to a light to prevent a shadow?

I have to camera test shirt / tie combinations, especially with older webcams.

Why am I wearing a tie anyway? Don't these people realize that if someone is working from home the main benefit is Pajama Fridays?

I worry if my shirt clashes with the paint on the walls or worse yet, if the shirt and background are close in color and I appear to be a disembodied head? (this happened to me once)

Of course this is followed by an audio test. Is my mic too hot? Am I close enough to it. Can they hear me breathing?

IF my allergies are acting up is my nose too red? Do I need to borrow some of Anne's makeup to tone it down or will I appear to be David Bowie if I do. What about the zit from when I shaved the other day?

I have to remember to lock up the cat so I'm not trying to shoo him away from the keyboard that he'll attack in the middle of the call.

Folks, really I'm bit of a neurotic mess every time we do video calls, can we just do voice calls?