As I am contemplating the possibility of working onsite again for the first time in a long while, I'm thinking about what changes I'll need to make to make it happen. I don't think it's the freedom of working from home per se that I miss, or the ability to sneak off for a lunchtime nap.

 I've taken to the habit of dictating my email, blog posts, specifications, long form text, etc.. It started innocently enough, Anne broke her arm and was trying to work at least part time while she was rehabbing.  I started dictating my writing basically so I could understand the dictation functionalities in macOS just so I can answer questions if Anne asked.  Then I found something out first off my hands felt better. I've been struggling with carpal tunnel issues as I've gotten older and dictating more of my correspondence allowed me to save keystrokes in my hands for coding. I also find that I "write" better when dictating over typing.  When I type I tend to be a little more formal in my writing than I am when I dictate it. Of course, I can't do this in a modern office, especially if I'm working in a cubicle. It would be too distracting to my office mates and I fear I'd come off as a modern day Don Draper.

As a funny aside, I have added "SR:siri" to the bottom of my business letter template as a modern version of typists' initials.