This has popped up on a couple of friends feeds over the past day or so.  I thought I’d repurpose my response as a blog post.

- The biggest mistake mistake we've made is deemphasizing voctech in favor of a stronger STEM program. We all need plumbers. car mechanics, electricians, etc.   There will always be people who either by talent, means or interest. These are good paying careers.

- We desperately need an impartial counselor in the Student Loan process, Someone to say "Your loan is $x / mo, entry level salaries in your field pay $Y/mo, Housing, food and necessitates cost $z/ mo. Is this a good plan? Can we find another plan?". The problem is that it's in no one's best interest to ask that question, except the student. The high school wants a higher percentage of their students to go to college. The bank wants you to take the loan because it's federally guaranteed. Parents want their kids dreams to come true.