Dear Twitter HR,

I have recently become aware that you have an opening for a new CEO.  I am writing to apply for that position.

My plan for twitter would be simple.  Within 90 days of my accepting the role, we would federate Twitter into the fediverse.  AOL became irrelevant because it waited too long to pivot to the open web. Twitter has to open itself to the fediverse or suffer the same fate.

Twitter could then pivot to providing services for organizations to work with them to leverage microblogs and enhance their brand.  Much like IBM and Microsoft, pivoting from products to services would be a better source of long-term sustaining income.

Walled gardens fall when open solutions gain critical mass.  Mastodon is approaching that point.  Twitter can expend resources strengthening the well which will eventually fall or accept that and use our resources to prepare for the next phase.  Believe me, the more we tighten our grip on our users, the more that will slip through our fingers.

My resume is available at  My contact info is there.  Please review my qualifications and email me for a follow-up.

Thank you for your time,

Sean Reiser