Cooking on a Chamber's Stove

For Christmas, I got to cook on a Chamber's Stove, Model D. This makes me think how far backwards we've come in the last 50 years because there are features in this stove that just don't exist in the stoves we buy today at Sears. Here's a list of things that makes this stove better then any stove I've cooked on in my life.
  • Unlike modern ovens, this one is super insulated. If you use if like a regular oven, where you set a temperature and just let it cook, you use less gas then you do normally. But that's not the best part. The oven is designed to specifically cook with the gas off. Let's say you're making a 15lb turkey. After seasoning and dressing the turkey you'd preheat the oven to 500, put the turkey in with the gas on, in a half hour (or so) turn off the gas and let it cook in the oven for another 3 hours (keep the door closed at all costs). Not only does this use less gas, but because the oven is cooling as your food cooks, it's almost impossible to burn things cooking this way.
  • Do you see that circle on the upper right where the 4th burner would be? That's a thermowell, which is super versatile. As the name suggests it's a well that gets hot. It's deep enough so you can drop a pot of vegetables in it (With EVOO and Seasonings), fire the gas for 10 mins, turn it off let it cook for 30 mins and you have roasted veggies. You can use it for small baking, roasting small meats, baking potatoes, making soups, stews and chilies. It's basing the cross between a tiny oven and a burner.
  • The burners themselves are different then ones I've used. Any gas stove I've used has had one large round head per burner. This stove has daisy burners. Basically, there are 4 heads per burner. This gives allows you to cook more evenly since more of your pan's surface is being heated.
  • I'm sure you noticed the huge griddle on the left. Although that's interesting it doubles as a broiler (the griddle lifts up and you can broil underneath). Instead of bending down to broil a chop, you can do it simple from the cook top.
There's a large market for these older stoves, because you can't buy anything like it today. Although it lacks features like a self cleaning oven this would be the stove I want should I be outfitting a kitchen.