Anne and I have been watching The Crown.  We just got to season 3 and I have some questions:

  • There must've been an x-mas special between seasons 2 and 3 because the entire royal family seems to have regenerated.  Where can I get that it doesn’t seem to be on Netflix.
  • Was Churchill on his 13th body?  He didn't regenerate and seems to have died.
  • Do they cover why the Royal Family didn't travel back in time to change the results of the American Revolution?  Let me guess, fixed point in time.
  • I hope there will be a story line where Elizabeth goes back in time and kills Wallis Simpson because of her bitterness over Edward’s abdication.  That could create a timeline where the UK sides with the Germans during WWII and force Elizabeth to undo her actions and accept her fate as Queen.
  • Does Prince Philip like the color of his kidneys?