5 Things about me

OK, I usually use this site for technical articles, but I have been tagged by Evo so I'll post it here. I'll have to separate the 'blog from the articles, thank G_d for Drupal. In the mean time 5 things about me: 1) I've lived in the Greater New York City area for all but 6 months of my life. I did spend 6 month in Chicago, and decided that it was too small for me. 2) I have attempted to do 3 podcasts. The problem is I don't like the sound of my own voice (it's a little too NYC for my taste) so I hate putting them up. I have actually podfaded one show without producing a single episode. 3) My tech choices have come full circle. I started off playing with the Apple ][ and am now a Mac addict, with stops along the way using DOS, Windows, OS/2, BSD and Linux. The Mac, to me, seems to be the perfect balance, of Unixish, business acceptance and support. 4) I often wonder if the choices I've made professionally to be interested in less popular technologies has helped or hurt me. Sure there's plenty of xBase, Pascal, C, etc work out there but it doesn't mean that I don't know about other stuff. Heck I use twitter ;). 5) I own a business entirely by accident. I never intended to be a contractor, just a guy who writes code. One firm was only interested in me on a contract basis so I set up the S-Corp and have never looked back. It's been an interesting ride.