Everything Old is New on the Web

Sean Reiser

Everything Old is New on the Web

I come from a time when the average person who used the internet did so from a command  line via a *nix shell.   Although that's less common these days, it always amazes me how much "new technologies" are just a more modern take on what we did on there.

  • There are a variety of messenger apps  all of them are  just implementations of the msg command.
  • Slack and Discord are just prettier versions of IRC.
  • Heck, the Web is just a prettier cleaner version of GOPHER.

And as time has gone on I find myself adding functionality that emulates unix shell functionality.

  • *nix shells have a feature that when you log into them a "Message of the Day" is displayed.  These messages often had news about the site as well as whatever greetings the admins what to display.  The little icon on the lower left of all the pages on this site is my version of this.  In the short time it's been on my site, I've used it for Holliday greetings, encouraging people to wear a mask or to vote and to announce new features of this site.
  • If you're on a unix shell there was a command, finger which would display a user's project and plan files.  A user would put info in those files describing where they are and what they were working on.  My now page, has the same purpose.  You can visit there to get a snapshot of what I'm working on.