[Site Upgrade] Planning My Upgrade to Drupal 9

Sean Reiser

[Site Upgrade] Planning My Upgrade to Drupal 9

I've been spending some time thinking about what to do next with this site. I think it's time to consider a move to Drupal 9 and use it as an excuse to handle some outstanding issues.  Here is a list of tasks I am considering:

  • Upgrade to Drupal 9 - since this is the goal.
  • Reorganize content types - This site has its roots in Drupal 4 and had been through a number of upgrades from D5 through D8.  When I moved it into Drupal 8, I didn't have the time to do a proper analysis and I just migrated the D7 fields into the same structure.In the past 2 years I have merged 3 of my other sites into it. All this has led to redundancy, deprecated data and cruft building up.  This is a good opportunity to address all that.
  • Relaunch Photogalleries - Somewhere along the line, I decided to remove my photo galleries and use Viewbug.  Although Viewbug is a good platform it was a mistake to remove the galleries from this site, so I want to reinstate them.
  • Make Better Use of Drupal's Media Module - when I ported the site to Drupal 8, the media in core was not mature enough to use.  When it was, I didn't have the time to migrate the file entities to media entities and make the other changes.
  • Use Layout Builder to Create Landing Pages - Layout builder didn't exist when I built this site.  Right now it's done in paragraphs.  
  • Use Tome to Create a Static Version of the Site - During Drupal Camp NYC, someone was talking about the notion of using Tome to create a static version of their site and I got to thinking if that would be useful to me.  Some advantages include
    • Simplified, cheaper hosting - I could use one of the $2 / mo hosting services 
    • Performance increase - No overhead from Drupal / MYSql / etc when generating pages.
    • Improved security - since Drupal would be running locally, there is no Drupal intense to attack.

    I could run Drupal locally and just run rsync to update changes.Not saying I'm going to do this, but it intrigues me. 

Cosmetically, I'm not planning any site design changes.  At the end of all this, the site shouldn't look any different.  Just be easier to use on the backend, faster and cleaner. 

I'm planning on doing this over time, as time permits.  Right now I'm light on work so I'm spending time on this because I'm light on work.  This means there will be short sprints on this project as higher priority, paying work comes in.

As I do this, I'll be narrating my work and will provide updates.  You an follow them if you're curious.