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“At-Will” means an employer can fire an employee any time they want and the employee can quit ant time they want. If an employee comes to an employer with a competing offer, the employer has the option to match the offer, negotiate or shake the employees hands and let them go.

If the president of a competition comes in mid-shift and offers to double a team’s salary, the them employees have the right to follow him up the block like he was the Pied Piper.

From the start of the pandemic, no other large American city has been hit as hard as New York, or has struggled as much to replenish its labor force. Nearly a million people lost their jobs in the early months of the pandemic, and thousands of business closed.

As the city plunged into its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the unemployment rate skyrocketed, peaking in June 2020 at 20 percent. Nearly every industry — from construction to finance to social services — has fewer people employed now than before the pandemic swept into New York in March 2020.