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Anne and I broke in the new Food Saver this evening with items from her garden.

I don't want to say we don't print that often here, but I had to change a cartridge today. It was installed in 2015.

"When I went to an amusement park, bruises were likely, broken bones were possible, and death was a possibility. AND I WAS GRATEFUL". - Gen X talking to Gen Z about amusement parks.

Just picked up a rarely used Lodge baking pan P14P for $15. Pizza coming soon

In the summer, while the schools are closed due to COVID, why would a reasonable person think the school speed zones were enforced at 9:10PM?

I never had a student loan so I don’t know the answer to this. When you get a student loan, does some counselor sit with you and say “Just so you know when you graduate this loan is going to cost $W/mo. Food, apartment, insurance, etc on average cost $X/mo. So you’ll need $Y/mo to survive. People starting in the field you're studying on average make $Z. Do you think this is a good idea?"

So I got an email from a Karen today complaining that my headshot on my website is unmasked. (It was taken pre-covid). Should I be snarky or let it go?

So Anne and I needed to stop by the nursing home where her mom lives yesterday to pick up some paperwork. I was sitting outside in the car watching the staff come and go and was surprised by the number of medical professionals who were leaving with their nose outside their mask. If we can't get the medical professionals to wear masks correctly, how can we get civilians wear masks properly?

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