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In the far future, archeologists will dig up these memes and try to figure out why people of our generation couldn't multiply.


I’m trying to better separate my personal and professional life. I have 2 numbers: my 347 number and my 917 number. Since all my clients have my 347 number I will be using that professionally and will be sending off hours calls to VM and screening them.

If you don’t have my 917# and want to keep in touch DM me.



I wanted to be a cockroach for Halloween, luckily I just woke up this way.

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Random Observation ... How come Halloween is the only holiday where people send greetings without saying "for those who celebrate it"?  Between Born-Again Christians, Hasidic Jews and Muslims, I know many people who find the day to be Devil Worship.  


When I was young we created FAQs without dancing and lipsyncing.... and we were grateful!

Tribute in Lights

Yesterday, I continued my routine of not watching news on  9/11. I honestly still can't watch any of the footage of the towers without reliving that day.

I have made several attempts to blog about my recollections  of that day.  There are 6 unpublished posts that I have written over the years in my blog that I'm not emotionally prepared to  publish. 

... maybe next year



Can we stop saying: "The Science Has Changed"? The science is constant, our understanding of it changes.


I’ve been upset by the evolution of outdoor dining first a table on the street, then a tarp over it. Followed by 3 plywood walls and a tarp. Next we have plywood buildings w/ windows (some glass, some plexiglass), a door, heating and a/c.

Now we’re building multilevel structures with rooftop alfresco dining. I wonder if they’ll be an elevator for ADA compliance.

This is not outdoor dining.

Edit:  I'm sure these "buildings' are being built by bus boys and fry cooks and predict someone will die when one of these things collapse in the next year.


As a libertarian,I believe that you have a right not to take any vaccine.

As a libertarian, I believe you are responsible for your own actions and if you choose not to take a free-to-you vaccine, you understand that society has no responsiblity to take care of you if you get ill. This is not punishment nor cruel, we can't allow the hospitals to become overcrrowed again and jeopardize the care of patients with other conditions due to your stupodity.

(Of couuse this doesn't apply to folka who can't take a vaccine for medical reasons).