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You know how they say that in best relationships you're always learning something new about your partner?  I know I mentioned that Anne and I have been watching the rebooted BSG.  We got to the end of Season 3 tonight. And I learned that Anne does not know the lyrics to All Along The Watchtower.


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I've hit the age where I wonder how I ever had the energy to Rock and Roll all night if I partied every day.

Anne and I have started a watch of the 2004 Battlestar Galactica. 1st time for her and a rewatch for me. I do enjoy introducing Anne to shows that she hasn't seen, it'l like getting to see a show through new eyes.



Commercial just on the TV: "Masks and social distancing are required so you can make yourself at home".

My Brain: "Where the hell do you live?"

Thought for the day:

Law Enforcement is not the same as Policing.

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