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OMG! I think this is my big chance!

 Just saw the remake of the Taking of Pelham 123 and would like everyone to know that a 6 train from 33rd st to Coney Island would never have passed Shea Stadium.  

Any other year I'd think it was internet garbage, but it's 2020 who has "dead rising from the grave" next on their game card?

Right in front of your eyes. The French Fries you crave contain the programmable RNA that makes you susceptible to 5G viruses like COVID-19.

The look on her face is priceless.

New Accomplishment:

Perfect 2020 Men's and Women's NCAA March Madness Brackets

In these trying times remember it's PI day! Whether it's Pizza, Chicken Pot, Apple or Coconut Custard try to have a good day.

And remember Pie are not square... Pie are round.

Wait McDonalds has a double big mac now? I think I understand the run on toilet paper.

Just got an email from a client for their employees reminding them that even working from home they need to maintain a professional dress code.

  1. No touching other people
  2. 3 seashells instead of TP.
  3. This guy sorta looks like Bloomberg.

Taco Bell, here we come!

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