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Anne and I adopted Frosty, out cat, from the Little Shelter in Hicksville, NY in February, 2018.  He was found in a Starbucks parking lot and lived at the shelter for 6 or so months.  We are unsure of how old he is, but he's definitely on the senior side of life.

From the moment we brought him home he was a "people cat".  Once he was in the apartment, he hopped up on the couch, looking for love and attention, to this day he can be found on the couch or on the bed.  He might have more than his fair share of health issues, but the love and companionship he gives us makes it all worth while.

He is cared for by Dr Sarah Granzin at the Bellerose Animal Hospital.  We are greatful for the compassionate care she gives him.

You can find some stories and photos of Frosty below.  Share and Enjoy! 


 Since it's become traditional to ask for donations to a non-profit for someone's birthday I'd like to ask that people give to the Little Shelter, the animal shelter where Anne and I got Frosty.

I don't want to ask people to give facebook their financial information so I'm linking to their site where there is a donation page.

Thank you.

 Frosty has been sick.  He hadn’t eaten in a few days, he hasn’t been grooming.  So we had to take him to the vet yesterday.  Among other things they have put him on an appetite stimulant.  It’s an anti-depressant that stimulates the appetite, and makes his talkative.  Yup it’s Cat Pot.  

He’s back to eating and some of his other issues look better.

Dear Cat:

There are 2 sources of water in the bathroom. One is a lovely bowl of fresh water and the other is a toilet that smells like a toilet. HOW DO YOU KEEP MAKING THE WRONG CHOICE?


Your Stupid Humans

Getting a sick cat out from under the bed and into his cat box might be the inspiration for Pokémon

So some of you know that Frosty's litter box is in the bathtub (he uses the tub to do his business no matter where we put his box). Well he just went into the bathroom to do what he needs to do and CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND HIM. I went to open the door and his look was basically, "I'm using it, wait your turn".

So I grab the laundry basket and sort the laundry, bag up all the colors, go to bag up the whites and found the cat asleep on that pile... does that mean I don't need to do laundry?

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