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Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, I have interesting, creative, smart friends.

A number of my friends have blogs, podcasts, photo feeds and create other content on the web. Instead of a traditional blogroll, I have created a list of links to their content. This list is updated automagically as they post to their blog. None of the content here is mine, nor is it owned by me. It does not necessarily reflect my opinion nor the opinion of my clients, employers, family, friends, or entourage. Share and Enjoy!

P.S. If you're a friend of mine and want to have your posts listed here drop me a line.

Friends' Posts

While the campaign was still on, I didn't want to criticize the Dems for their rallies, which were basically impossible to watch. They must've been even worse to be a speaker at. You take a gifted campaigner like Obama, who could get into a lovefest with an audience, he had so many good lines like Don't Boo, Vote. The crowd would boo just to get him to say it! Or he'd say Fired up! and everyone
2 weeks 6 days ago

Since we won’t get a new season of American Horror Story until 2021, let’s look back at which seasons of the show are particularly great. FX anthology series American Horror Story has become something of a Fall tradition over the course of its near-decade on air to date, pulling out all the stops for the slowly darkening season […] Every season of American Horror Story (so far), ranked from worst
2 weeks 6 days ago

A new BingeWorthy feature. Pull down the menu and choose Similar users. A window opens with a list of users who have tastes similar to yours, ranked by how close they are. From there, you can click on the names to see their ratings. You may get ideas for new binges from this, or may find people you know who have similar tastes. At least you'll have something to talk about next time you get
3 weeks ago

Good morning sports fans! How did you spend your night? I watched MSNBC, love Kornacki, you can have the rest of them, but I hated whenever the sound came on saying IT'S TIME TO CALL SOMETHING . It was always something like Kentucky or South Dakota, Vermont or New York. At one point I wrote on Twitter we're on the roller coaster now. That feeling of this is being done to me, I don't like it but at
3 weeks ago

It’s not much of a brave new world after all – Peacock has canceled its adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s famous novel after a single season. Peacock’s buzzy new adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World appears to have fizzled – the streamer has pulled the plug after just a single season. Brave New World was one of […] Peacock cancels their Brave New World adaptation, could it end up elsewhere? -
3 weeks ago

Depression is really a fact of life for most people these days. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the ability to stop our lives until we feel better. I truly wish that someone would have come in and helped me when I needed it, but it didn’t happen that way. In my case the friends … Continue reading Lifehack: How to pull yourself out of depression and anxiety during a crisis when you are alone
3 weeks 1 day ago

Need some help deciding what to read this month? We run down 10 of the best new science fiction and fantasy book releases hitting shelves this November. As November rolls in, the days are suddenly shorter, it’s a heck of a lot colder and the darkness feels longer than ever. (And that’s even before we […] 10 must-read new SFF book releases to cozy up with this November - Culturess - Culturess -
3 weeks 1 day ago

If you’re looking for the best gifts for gardeners, I’ve got you covered! The list below includes gifts for the urban gardener, the new gardener, and the green thumb. The Best Gifts for Gardeners, New or Advanced I’ve put together this list of the best gifts for gardeners to help you steer through the maze of gadgets, gifts, and gimmicks available in the garden center (virtual) aisle as you shop
3 weeks 2 days ago

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As a kid who grew up being told by her family she’d never amount to anything, this was the one holiday where I had permission to be whatever I wanted. I always had some weird positive internal belief that was stronger than the hatred I saw every day … Continue reading Happy Halloween 2020 OR 5 ways to survive the holidays alone during the Coronavirus
3 weeks 4 days ago

Another thought re news business models. As far as I know I can still buy a single issue of say The New Yorker at an airport newsstand. Why not offer the same product on the web. Pure profit. No manufacturing or distribution cost. Important: I can buy w/o credit card, no commitment. PS: On the web, not a Kindle. PPS: I don't mind paying with a credit card, but I don't want to give the card to the
3 weeks 5 days ago