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Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, I have interesting, creative, smart friends.

A number of my friends have blogs, podcasts, photo feeds and create other content on the web. Instead of a traditional blogroll, I have created a list of links to their content. This list is updated automagically as they post to their blog. None of the content here is mine, nor is it owned by me. It does not necessarily reflect my opinion nor the opinion of my clients, employers, family, friends, or entourage. Share and Enjoy!

P.S. If you're a friend of mine and want to have your posts listed here drop me a line.

Friends' Posts

Another classic novel of our collective youths is headed to television – Hulu’s dark and gritty new remake of The Hardy Boys will arrive in December. The first trailer for Hulu’s gritty new remake of The Hardy Boys is here, and it’ll undoubtedly get you curious about what this series might look like. Shockingly enough, this show is […] Hulu’s The Hardy Boys trailer offers another gritty remake of
2 weeks ago

The second installment in Kiersten White’s Camelot Rising series, The Camelot Betrayal reimagines Guinevere as a complex woman with divided loyalties. Kiersten White’s Camelot Rising series is a refreshingly feminist new spin on the world of Arthurian legend, centered around one of the tale’s most problematic and frequently least understood characters, Queen Guinevere. In the stories most […]
2 weeks 1 day ago

A tyrant autocrat is elected POTUS because a lot of people voted for a third party candidate or thought the other candidate was a shoe-in so they didn't bother to vote at all. The people endured the four years, even though they suffered and many died, the country was looted and its government was dismantled. But! Once the four years was up they voted the tyrant out, replacing him with a solid
2 weeks 1 day ago

This Is Us Season 5, Episode 2“Forty: Part Two” Posted by Shannon Well, now we know why Dan Fogleman wanted to air these back to back. The seam between “Forty: Part One” and “Forty: Part Two” is nearly invisible, only formally identified by a simple version of the title card after Randall opens the door […] The post “The world is a brilliant, resilient place.” – This Is Us Recap – Forty: Part Two
2 weeks 2 days ago

Leo McGarry, a fictional character : "Bill Russell was getting eaten alive cuz they could never get him to throw an elbow. He didn't want to do it. So Red Auerbach told him to do it, one time, throw an elbow on a nationally televised game, you'll never have to do it again. You bet your ass they'll know the leak came from us." I really enjoyed VP-elect Harris's speech last night. I was crying like
2 weeks 3 days ago

Post-election New Yorker cover from 2016.
2 weeks 4 days ago

Written before the election was called. So many things to observe in this marathon of an election night. First, it's nice that it isn't a nailbiter. We know the outcome. Unlike my friend Tom Watson , who is beyond impatient for the networks to call the election, I'm glad that it's stretching out. I wish the 2008 election had been similarly extended so we could have had a chance to absorb the
2 weeks 4 days ago

For a project I'm doing, I wanted to see how Fargo did calendar structures. This is what I found out. It's here primarily so I can find it again later through search engines. First, here's an OPML file from Fargo, that I used briefly in the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 to edit my blog. I was interested in the attributes that Fargo used. I wanted to see what type attributes it used for
2 weeks 4 days ago

The teaser trailer for Shonda Rhimes’ historical romance Bridgerton is here, and it looks like everything the television landscape needs right now. Given the state of, well…everything, it’s no wonder some of us are out here looking for a little bit of escapism. And, thankfully, Netflix’s upcoming period romance series, titled Bridgerton, promises to give us exactly that, and […] Netflix’s
2 weeks 6 days ago

This Is Us Season 5, Episode 1“Forty: Part One” Posted by Shannon We will be wrestling with the best ways to represent the pandemic in television and film for years. But if I may offer up a general rule of thumb for television shows? If you’re grounded in reality, and if your plot so much […] The post “I feel like this is all happening just as the world is falling apart.” – This Is Us Recap –
2 weeks 6 days ago