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Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, I have interesting, creative, smart friends.

A number of my friends have blogs, podcasts, photo feeds and create other content on the web. Instead of a traditional blogroll, I have created a list of links to their content. This list is updated automagically as they post to their blog. None of the content here is mine, nor is it owned by me. It does not necessarily reflect my opinion nor the opinion of my clients, employers, family, friends, or entourage. Share and Enjoy!

P.S. If you're a friend of mine and want to have your posts listed here drop me a line.

Friends' Posts

An idea.. Microsoft owns GitHub. When I post a project to GH, I'm hoping I'm preserving that work for a long time. As long as MS exists? Would be cool. This is something MS could market. Think of the repos at GH as time capsules. Tech can be imaginative. Like this. ;-) PS: Chad Tolkien says they are planning on it, but it's only for some projects. So it's going to have a Microsoft bias. Oy. I want
3 days 2 hours ago

I'm like Johnny Appleseed of RTs. I like to just swoop in and RT something and share a sexy idea from someone else with the people who follow me. It's like opening up a worm hole in the universe. We get a peek of someone else's reality.
3 days 3 hours ago

Basic philosophy: If you spot a mistake, I want to know about it so I can fix it. Always. Now here's the background: I share most of the software I write as open source on GitHub . Sometimes people report bugs by submitting pull requests . That doesn't work out very well because I write my code in an outliner, and it generates the JavaScript code from the outline. So what you see as source on
3 days 3 hours ago

The penultimate episode of Killing Eve season 3 turns the tables on many of our major characters, but many of its developments don’t feel entirely earned. Maybe it’s because there’s genuinely so much to like about Killing Eve season 3 that its flaws feel so much more pronounced than they otherwise might. But while “Beautiful Monster” is […] Killing Eve season 3 review: “Beautiful Monster” turns
4 days 21 hours ago

Killing Eve season 3 continues this Sunday night on BBC America with “Beautiful Monster”. Here’s how to watch online. Somehow we’ve already arrived at the penultimate episode of Killing Eve season 3. How, you might ask, when it feels as though the season has barely started? Sure there should so much more than two episodes’ worth of […] Killing Eve season 3 episode 7 live stream: Watch online -
5 days 12 hours ago

The latest save my life story (must-read) makes me wonder how to listen to people we support. People who are suffering. What conclusions to draw from what they say? This is part of the "we're going to have to learn to live with it" approach, which is another part of save my life . It's not only about medicine, math, politics, money and power -- it's also about individual people who need -- what?
6 days 2 hours ago

My brother found this picture of me as a kid in my father's photos.
6 days 3 hours ago

This is a technical post. The three words in the title of the post are noun, verb and subject. Let's go through them one by one. Node is a popular developer platform with set of common libraries called packages. It's based on JavaScript which is a very popular language. And its power comes from the very deep set of freely usable code you can build on. That part is the reason why I switched to
6 days 6 hours ago

My longtime friend Matt Ocko says it's hot in Brazil and they have a lot of virus there, so the virus must do okay in heat, so therefore no reprieve during the summer in the US. I don't know whether the virus does better or worse in summer months, but saying it's doing fine in Brazil doesn't add much data about how it will do in the US in the summer. Maybe the virus doesn't care about the heat,
1 week ago

Here's where we're at with the virus in mid-May 2020. Top line: It makes no sense to "reopen" from the lockdown in the US. The purpose of the lockdown was to freeze everything so we could get our act together. To monitor outbreaks of the virus the same way we track the weather. It's not the testing itself that's so important, it's the weather report. There are other methods, like sampling the
1 week 1 day ago