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Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, I have interesting, creative, smart friends.

A number of my friends have blogs, podcasts, photo feeds and create other content on the web. Instead of a traditional blogroll, I have created a list of links to their content. This list is updated automagically as they post to their blog. None of the content here is mine, nor is it owned by me. It does not necessarily reflect my opinion nor the opinion of my clients, employers, family, friends, or entourage. Share and Enjoy!

P.S. If you're a friend of mine and want to have your posts listed here drop me a line.

Friends' Posts

The other night it was super windy, and my house makes pretty nasty sounds when it's windy, but nothing like what it did that night. A huge crashing sound from the roof, like a big tree had hit the house. I was surprised the house could be rocked so hard and still be standing. In the morning, I checked. No tree. This really weirded me out. I had no idea what had happened until a few minutes ago,
20 hours 36 minutes ago

A Court of Silver Flames takes Sarah J. Maas’ bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses series to the next level, introducing darker, more uncomfortable emotional themes and a lot of extremely explicit sex. The result is more a complex character study of one of the series’ most prickly and difficult characters – Nesta Archeron – and less a […] The biggest question we have after reading A Court of
21 hours 6 minutes ago

The Bad Review Episode: Grateful and Happy, A Cascade of Good Reviews, That Single Arrow from the Crowd, Motivations for Criticism, The BBS Documentary Not Made, GET LAMP and a Thousand Choices, Empathy. Plus: Bring it On.
1 day 9 hours ago

My wish list for Twitter itself follows, not any of the things they announced today, all of which could be done just as well by others, and have been. To the core product, this is what I want. Tweets with more than 280 chars. Tweets with titles. Simple styling, bold/italic. Links. Enclosures (for podcasting). A "more" button after 280 , so it's functionally equivalent to today's limits. Would be
1 day 14 hours ago

This week, our hosts talk to Grammy award-winning guitarist and son of Frank, Dweezil Zappa. Dweezil recently launched Reward Music, an online platform for artists to host their website, engage with fans, sell music and merchandise, all while keeping 100% of sales. Dweezil talks through the features and benefits of reward music for artists and fans alike, showcasing the need for a paradigm shift
2 days ago

It's all up from here.
2 days 16 hours ago

In response to yesterday's bit about Scoble and me lusting after a Tesla, I got a wonderful email from John Naughton about his love of Tesla. Even better, he told me which one to get! 💥 I saw Scoble’s post , which I thought was perceptive. I was receptive to it because last year I took the plunge and bought a Tesla — a Model 3 — and it’s been a transforming experience. What makes that remarkable
2 days 18 hours ago

Fines herbes (pronounced “feenzerb”) is a classic mix of finely chopped herbs. While this blend commonly found in French cuisine, it can be used to season food from any culture. It is most often used to flavor chicken, fish, and egg dishes. Here’s what to grow in your kitchen garden to make your own fines herbes mix. What Are Fines Herbes? The term “fines herbes” refers to “fine herbs,” a blend of
2 days 19 hours ago

These days, faerie-themed YA fantasy feels as though it’s everywhere in the world of publishing. And while we can probably thank Holly Black’s megapopular “Folk of the Air” trilogy for a big portion of this trend, you’ll find faeries and other related members of the folk playing major roles in works from Sarah J. Maas to […] 3 reasons to add A Dark and Hollow Star to your winter must-read list -
3 days 21 hours ago

This Is Us Season 5, Episode 8“In the Room”Posted by Shannon The more I think about what This Is Us did this week, the more I love it. The more I’m struck and moved by it. The more I find within it. And after days of ruminating and re-watching, I feel very comfortable saying this: […] The post “The new Big Three.” – This Is Us Recap – In the Room appeared first on Head Over Feels .
4 days 17 hours ago