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Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, I have interesting, creative, smart friends.

A number of my friends have blogs, podcasts, photo feeds and create other content on the web. Instead of a traditional blogroll, I have created a list of links to their content. This list is updated automagically as they post to their blog. None of the content here is mine, nor is it owned by me. It does not necessarily reflect my opinion nor the opinion of my clients, employers, family, friends, or entourage. Share and Enjoy!

P.S. If you're a friend of mine and want to have your posts listed here drop me a line.

Friends' Posts

You can watch the first episode of the new HBO Max series The Flight Attendant for free this weekend. Here’s what’s up. The new HBO Max series The Flight Attendant premieres this week, but you can watch the premiere installment right now – for free. The drama stars The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco as the titular flight attendant in this […] Stream the premiere of The Flight Attendant for free on
17 hours 12 minutes ago

Netflix drama The Queen’s Gambit has become the streamer’s most popular limited series to date, with over 60 million households giving it a look. The Queen’s Gambit, the Netflix series which chronicles the emotional tale of a young orphan girl’s rise to become a world chess champion, has proven surprisingly popular for the streaming service. So popular, […] The Queen’s Gambit is now Netflix’s most
21 hours 12 minutes ago

The first teaser for the upcoming Doctor Who festive special reveals an exciting surprise: The return of Captain Jack Harkness! In honor of the 57th anniversary of Doctor Who this week, BBC America released a brief teaser for the upcoming holiday special, which touts the return of a fan-favorite character: Captain Jack Harkness. Yes, really. And thank […] Doctor Who holiday special teaser brings
22 hours 11 minutes ago

Julia Ember’s Ruinsong is a compellingly fast-paced fantasy that mixes dark themes, magical music, and an LGBT enemies-to-lovers romance. In the world of YA fantasy, it’s hard to stand out. There are evil queens, lost princesses, repressive governments, and complex magical systems everywhere, and many of these stories often hit familiar beats. On paper, Julia Ember’s Ruinsong is […] Julia Ember’s
1 day 21 hours ago

Posted by Kim, Sage, Shannon, Heather, and Evan WE DID IT FAM!!! We made it to season six! I wasn’t fully aware of what we were getting into when we embarked on a rewatch of Lost almost six months ago. (We started season one in June, if you can believe it!!) Half of me was […] The post “All of this matters.” – A Look Back on Lost, Season Six appeared first on Head Over Feels .
4 days 14 hours ago

FCTRY action figure collection.
4 days 16 hours ago

I've watched Maddow the last two nights. It's great that she's back. In quarantine because her partner, Susan, got Covid and Maddow was exposed. So she did an incredible job of setting up a studio at home, by herself, yet she was so apologetic for the lack of makeup and the homeyness of the surroundings. I wanted to ask her to stop. We don't tune in her show for the makeup or the studio. She
4 days 19 hours ago

It’s happening – Warner Brothers announced that the highly anticipated sequel Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive on HBO Max the day it opens in theaters. Hot on the heels of reports that Warner Brothers was mulling whether to further delay the theatrical release of Wonder Woman 1984, the news broke. The highly anticipated sequel will keep its current December 25 […] Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive on HBO
6 days 21 hours ago

With the slated Christmas release of Wonder Woman 1984 looming, Warner Brothers is pondering what to do with the sequel – a lengthy delay or an HBO Max release? Highly anticipated sequel Wonder Woman 1984 has seen its release date pushed back multiple times thanks to the raging coronavirus pandemic that is keeping audiences from movie […] Warner Brothers mulls future of Wonder Woman 1984: Another
1 week ago

Sarah J. Maas’ adult contemporary fantasy Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood was one of the best books of 2020. But when can we expect to read the next novel in the series? For those of us who love the fantasy works of author Sarah J. Maas, 2021 is shaking up to be a […] When will the next installment in the Crescent City series hit shelves? - Culturess - Culturess - Women's Pop Culture,
1 week ago