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Men are never going to understand what it's like to be a woman. White people are never going to understand what it's like to be black. But we can listen, empathize, and try to do what they ask us to do to help. That would be success imho.
20 hours 41 minutes ago

In all mess around the Cotton op-ed -- to me, a lifetime reader, subscriber and former partner of the NY Times, someone with a complicated long-term relationship, the most important flaw in the pub that is its unwillingness to listen to criticism. So there's a huge hole in the perception of the NY Times of the world it is contained in, the point of view of their community. What a loss, for all of
21 hours 22 minutes ago

Alan Kay once said the Macintosh is the first computer worth criticizing. Really eloquent, makes-you-stop-and-think type quote. I was raised by parents who reacted as if criticism was an attack. If you don't deflect it, you will be hurt. They taught me that. I learned later in life that listening to criticism is the key to success. Alan Kay revealed a truth. We criticize something because we want
21 hours 36 minutes ago

The cast and showrunner of NBC’s popular police comedy Brooklyn 99 donated $100,000 to the National Bail Fund Network – and urged their fans to do the same. The cast and showrunner of NBC’s popular cop comedy Brooklyn 99 are putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to fighting police brutality, donating $100,000 to […] Brooklyn 99 cast donates $100K to bail relief fund for
1 day 22 hours ago

The cop was recorded murdering George Floyd. Can you imagine. We're watching someone murder another person. There's the body, and there's the murderer. He looks right at the camera. The murderer, Derek Chauvin , murdering.
2 days 21 hours ago

Kester Grant’s The Court of Miracles is an exciting high fantasy tale of revolution and betrayal in a dark, magical court of outcasts. Kester Grant’s The Court of Miracles is billed as a retelling of two famous stories: Les Miserables and The Jungle Book. That’s not entirely accurate – but not entirely wrong either. Instead, the story takes elements […] The Court of Miracles mixes famous stories
2 days 22 hours ago

John P. Hoke - Random Non-Sequiturs & Photography I spent a few days of this COVID-19 crisis sitting in front of the computer and rebuilding a lot of this blog’s WordPress front end. The prior theme was nice looking but I was starting to find issues with it’s … The post WordPress Updates and New Look! appeared first on John P. Hoke .
3 days 17 hours ago

BTW, after Elizabeth Warren pulled out, we could have had a discussion about why her candidacy failed, but every time I tried to speak, I was told I couldn't understand because I am not a woman. Too bad, but 1/2 the electorate is male, and if you want to win, you'll need a lot of male votes. It's the same old shit, drive a wedge in the electorate, your own electorate, as a supposed winning
3 days 20 hours ago

We have to stop being so modal about the big social issues. We should be fighting to stop mass killings with guns -- all the time -- not just after a mass killing. Same with #blm and #metoo and fighting against the virus. Asians are blamed for the virus, btw. Letting the news cycle control our lives is ceding too much power to the media corporations, platforms, political parties. We can see the
3 days 20 hours ago

The lights were out in the White House while the president hunkered in the bunker freaked out and humiliated. His enemy comes into focus, it's the people out there, complaining, again, like everyone else. They can't see how smart he is. He's got to do something about this. His speech on Saturday welcoming a new wave of space exploration didn't replace the protests as the top story. Alone in the
3 days 20 hours ago