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Blake's 7 Final Scene

40 years ago today,  #AvonLives #GaudaPrimeDay

Settling in to watch the pilot episode of Foundation on Apple TV+, something I've been waiting for since my 20's.

I know it won't be entirely faithful to Asimov so I'm trying not to compare.

Fingers Crossed
Chris Eccleston DB Cooper

I've always thought there's enough of a resemblance between Chris Eccleston and the composite sketch of DB Cooper to be the basis of an interesting story for the 9th Doctor.

So, earlier today, I have #Babylon5 (S4E8) on w/ CNN Picture in Picture. The line,  “You know, you fight a war and everyone forgets the people that get caught in the middle.” comes on as the #Taliban are shown entering the Presidential Palace. #Afganistan


Am I thie only Doctor Who  fan who finds it funny that Richard Branson Took off from Truth or Consequences, NM?  #BransonIsAZygon


I'm a creepy old man, why don't you come out to my house in the desert and play with my sabre? #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

Every Year 3,000 of my closest friends and myself get together for a Doctor Who convention in LA during President's Day weekend. At the convention, many of us gather at midnight Saturday and take a photo. Because of the ongoing worlder wide health crisis, the convention didn't happen this year. You've probably seen several references to it on my timeline this weekend.

Many of us gathered on Zoom at midnight this past weekend (GMT and PAcific) to take a photo and catchup.