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“A person is what they think about all day long”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Between Voldemort, Death Eaters, Dementors, the Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti, The Terrible Zodin, Dinosaurs and Moriarty, I'lll avoid the UK


I've been using dictation on my Mac more and more, saving my carpal tunnel ridden hands for coding.  I was writing something about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and I found it funny that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get dictation to understand "M'Begna", it always translated it as "my banker".


Thoughts on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Season 1

 Just finished watching season one of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. This is the first thing that I've seen that feels like TOS since The Next Generation. The Roddenberry-esque sense of optimism combined with exploration was a treat to watch.  I have a few thoughts that I'll hide behind a spoiler tag.

When you know a character well you can't put them into believable jeopardy in a prequel, so I tend not to enjoy them as much.  I felt going into this thinking no matter what happens to: Pike, Spock, Uhura, Chapel, M'Benga, and a number of other characters, I knew where their characters had to wind up. This expectation was immediately subverted with the portrayal of Christine Chapel, who has a refreshingly smart yet playful personality that we never saw in TOS.  I no longer feel at all the characters need to be left in the place that Gene Roddenberry pick them up do use a 1966.

I have to admit for a short time, I thought possibly Pike could avoid the chair. I mean since 1966 we knew Pike's fate. It was certainly foreshadowed plenty throughout the season, but if we could change Christine's character, why couldn't we alter Pike's fate? Of course, the Ghost of Christmas Future, in the form of his future self, showed us why that was impossible

I have this love / hate relationship using Lando for Drupal development.  Being able to simply emulate my sites’ production environment locally is great, but the performance on the webapp tempts me back to MAMP or remote development when I'm under the gun.

Blake's 7 Final Scene

40 years ago today,  #AvonLives #GaudaPrimeDay

Settling in to watch the pilot episode of Foundation on Apple TV+, something I've been waiting for since my 20's.

I know it won't be entirely faithful to Asimov so I'm trying not to compare.

Fingers Crossed
Chris Eccleston DB Cooper

I've always thought there's enough of a resemblance between Chris Eccleston and the composite sketch of DB Cooper to be the basis of an interesting story for the 9th Doctor.

So, earlier today, I have #Babylon5 (S4E8) on w/ CNN Picture in Picture. The line,  “You know, you fight a war and everyone forgets the people that get caught in the middle.” comes on as the #Taliban are shown entering the Presidential Palace. #Afganistan


Am I thie only Doctor Who  fan who finds it funny that Richard Branson Took off from Truth or Consequences, NM?  #BransonIsAZygon