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Hi I'm Seán Reiser, this is my Personal Blog

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Launched a new version of the site this evening. I wanted to freshen up the blog theme and unify the branding between the consulting site, the resume and the photography site.  Everything runs on the same domain now with 301's directing users to the proper page on 

There are still a couple of things i want to do but this is enough to bring it live.  Any problems, drop me a line.


I spent a couple of years playing and working with Drupal before actually joining  It's been a fun ride!

So, this ad has been popping up _a lot_ in my timeline and it annoys me. The reason designers build art sites on a white cube / black box esthetic is simple: If your art website's design is memorable, it's detracting from your art. The only thing a visitor should remember about your art website is your art, everything else should just get out of the way. It's why museums hang works of paintings and photographs on white walls.

At the end of the day, which would you rather hear:

"I love the design of your website"


"I love your art"