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I think I finally hit the breaking point with the #AppleTV library for my personal library of ripped  DVDs and Blu-rays.    I’ve stored my ripped TV and movies in an iTunes / AppleTV library for over 20 years and stream my media to an AppleTV device hooked to the tv.

I rip them to preserve space.  Living in a modest NYC co-op, you have to make choices.  My DVDs can live in a storage locker while all my media is in my apartment on a small hard drive.

I have an old computer on the shelf collecting dust which can be repurposed as a #Plex server.  Amu thoughts?


Also if you don't believe that the large marketing firms / tech companies / three letter agencies were already indexing public mastodon servers you haven't been paying attention.  And they aren't respecting the no index flag.

The benefit of Searchtodon is that average folks are aware it's happening.