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Good morning world. Still struggling to find reasons to have gratitude in this crazy world. Today I present…..

Through The Unisphere

A while ago I did a photo study of the Unispherte in Flushing Meadows Park. Over the next few days, I’ll post some of my favorite shots from that photo study.

Anne and I have been watching “Maine Cabin Masters”, a cabin renovation show on Discovery+.

The other night in one scene they were liting the side of a cabin so they install some jacks to level the floor.  The next scene featured a worker named Jedi.  

Me:  You know, they should’ve used Jedi to lift the building.

Anne: Why?

Me He could use The Force

Anne: …

#starWars #MaineCabinMasters


A friend asked about ulterior motives in going back David Tennant for a special in Doctor Who.  Here's my answer:

It's the "special episode" of ER where Cloony returned.

It's the wrestling show that books Logan Paul in a big match.

It's brining Spock back in Search for Spock

It's the local restaurant that hangs a "Under New Management" banner when they replace the General Manager.

It's bringing Sarah Jane back in School Reunion.

It's an attempt to get a look-in audience of lapsed fans. It's an attempt to generate buzz. It's a ratings grab. It's business.