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#TIL - #mastodon Edition

When a post is retrieved by a federated server, it’s media files are copied and stored to the federated server.  I has assumed, wrongfully, that  media was served from the origin server.

This is why this instance is quickly eating disk space.  Although I don’t post much, I follow a lot of photographers all of whom are publishing a lot of images.

I need to setup an S3 compatible bucket in the next day or 3 and store media there.

Laptop w/ Stickers

After pushing my #Mastodon Instance’s media into object storage, I shrank the server it runs on to 1CPU,  1Gig Ram, 25Gig storage for $5.00/mo.  So far it's running fine.  For less than cost of Twitter Blue, I can have my own mastodon server, on my own domain and own my own data.

#dataFreedom #noAlgos