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In the "it figures" category, the bedroom air conditioner died last night halfway through this week long heat wave. We headed over to PC Richard and ordered a new unit. By the time we could sign off from the co-op it'll be next Friday before it's here, just in time for the heatwave to end.  We jerry-rigged some fans to blow air into the bedroom from the living room and around the living room AC overnight. This is the most expensive way to go I suspect that we're also cooling off the living room while we're sleeping but it's good for a couple days.

Luckily Anne is out of town for a few days so I can close off the bedroom and sleep on the couch for a few days using the living room unit.


For a long while I’d put a translucent apple rainbow sticker over the glowing apple cutout my on MacBooks Pro. Most people would ignore it, some people understood, a surprising number of people thought it was a statement on gay rights. It was just nostalgia for me. Dating back to my first computer in ’84, my Apples had a rainbow logo.

While I was working with a non-profit I was presenting a new design for their logo and website, presenting from my laptop. This non-profit is one of those places that Sr Democratic operatives work when the Rs are in power. Participants in the meeting included a former Attorney General, a former Assistant Sec of Defense (who would rejoin the Obama Administration as Secretary), someone who would become President Obama’s Chief of Staff and the guy who wrote the 9/11 Commission Report (all very serious people, who I think could have me killed with one phone call). The meeting went off well, and with some minor modifications, they used the designs I presented  

Well, after the meeting the comms director gives me a tongue lashing. About how important people don’t want frivolous things around. She became a dog with a bone, so eventually I removed it just to stop the argument. Now a days The Apple doesn’t glow any more. so the rainbow logo isn’t as fun on my machine.