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Vaccine Card

So with all the talk of Vaccine Mandates here in NYC, I decided to take my Vaccine card out of the “medical information envelope” I keep in my lockbox and put it in my wallet.  I really didn’t study the card when I got it.  I took my shots and locked the card away in case it was ever needed.

Now my wallet is one of these slim wallets wire slots for CC / ID and a money clip for bills.  (I got it at the advice if of a chiropractor it’s better than a thick wallet in your pocket),  This f’n card won’t fit in my wallet without folding it.

We’ve  standardized on 338  ×  218 for cards that you carry  Credit cards, state IDs, even NYC’s Metro Card , all 338  ×  218.  Wallets are deigned for it.  The Vaccine Card… 4 x 3

Tell me this isn’t a Government Project.
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