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As I mentioned in another post, I am a fan of “take home voting”. The ability to use the internet to research ballot initiatives, candidates further down the ticket, etc is a powerful reason to push us in that direction. It would increase access for folks who’s work clashes with voting hours or that have medical issues. Even without a pandemic I believe it’s a good thing.

But to be fair, I have to admit that I am concerned that it does open up the possibility that someone’s vote can be influenced. Parents and spouses can play the “You live under my roof, you’ll vote the way I tell you” card. Employers can subtly make your employment contingent on voting for a particular candidate. People an be influenced by cash (paying for your vote) or by physical intimidation. None of this is legal, but we know it can and will happen.

The reason you can’t take pictures of your filled in ballot or get a receipt for your vote is to protect people from these influences.

So Anne and I needed to stop by the nursing home where her mom lives yesterday to pick up some paperwork. I was sitting outside in the car watching the staff come and go and was surprised by the number of medical professionals who were leaving with their nose outside their mask. If we can't get the medical professionals to wear masks correctly, how can we get civilians wear masks properly?