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Really folks, talk to your Doctor about getting vaccinated.

As a libertarian,I believe that you have a right not to take any vaccine.

As a libertarian, I believe you are responsible for your own actions and if you choose not to take a free-to-you vaccine, you understand that society has no responsiblity to take care of you if you get ill. This is not punishment nor cruel, we can't allow the hospitals to become overcrrowed again and jeopardize the care of patients with other conditions due to your stupodity.

(Of couuse this doesn't apply to folka who can't take a vaccine for medical reasons).


I consider this to be "good news".  Since we have come around to the belief that natural immunity has some effect (even if the vax adds to it) and I'd bet that the anti-vaxers are more likely to have acted in a less than safe manner last summer, a larger number of those folks have some level of immunity than we previously believed.

It bothers me that no one is concerned that you have to show ID here in NYC to get vaccinated.

Closest Available Vaccine
Potsdam, NY 354 Miles from my apartment.


In response to a friend's post on Facebook, someone messaged me asking, “OK, wise guy, how would you handle vaccine distribution”
. Here is my answer:

Back in November, when it was clear that vaccinations would start and have limited supply each state should have built a simple website that collects:

  • Name / Contact Info
  • Location
  • Living Situation (nursing home, apartment, private home, living with elderly, etc).
  • Date of Birth
  • Profession
  • Health Issues
  • Other Prioritization Factors

(Between your taxes and health insurance, The State has access to most of this information anyway, but it’s better if they collect it, to ensure everything is current).

Once the site is launched, people who want a vaccine sign up. An algorithm slurps the info and gives a priority to everyone based on these factors. People who are eligible are contacted 2 weeks out letting them select an appointment. If necessary some letter / certificate is generated for the patient’s employer to excuse them from work.

Although people wouldn’t get vaccinated any faster, it would solve the “dialing for vaccines” problem of having to call a hotline several times a day and hitting refresh over and over on a website.  

In a Facebook covid survivors group someone posted "I heard someone died from the vaccine". Here was my response:

I don't know if someone did but I'm sure someone will die from the vaccine, probably through an allergic reaction. The math says the the risk of dying from the disease is MUCH HIGHER than dying from the vaccine. We've all had this disease, many of us are long haulers dealing the the effects months later. As I'm sitting here 10 months later sill having issues climbing the stairs, I don't know what the long them effects of this disease are on me.

It's risk assessment. On average 10 people die from taking low dose aspirin a day, but it saves more lives for folks with cardiac issues. 100 people will die in car accidents today, but we have decided that the benefits of faster travel outweigh the risk. Nothing is perfectly safe. Everything has risk. The question is, "Do the benefits outweigh the risks".

Disclaimer : I'm a Computer Programmer so you should speak to your Doctor to see if you have additional risks before taking it, especially if you have problems with vaccines, medicines or have other medical conditions.